Who is Li Ziqi? 李子柒

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Who is Li Ziqi? 李子柒

Li Ziqi is a Chinese food and country-life blogger, entrepreneur, and internet idol. She is
known for cooking food and handicraft making videos in her own hometown of rustic Pingwu, her blogging channel name ” An Oriental Lifestyle Foodie”,
She is a very pretty and cute girl. You may want to know about Li Ziqi’s age,
she is a 29 Years old beautiful girl.

liziqi lives in the mountains and jungles in the village of northwestern Pingwu, China.

Li Ziqi’s life Story

Li Ziqi did not have a comfortable childhood.When she was a child, her parents got
separated and her father died before. She started living with her grandparents. They were
poor yet bearable. Li Ziqi’s grandfather was a chef in the village. When there was a ritual
going on, such as a marriage or a funeral, hergrandfather would be in payment.

In her videos, she reveals how to cook different recipes, which she had discovered from her
grandfather. Besides cooking, she also knows how to make bamboo baskets, grow seeds
vegetable plant, and make carpenter handiworks she also knows how to make a dress
she also designed her own dress.

Li Ziqi’s life Story

when she is 14 she left school and started up to assist herself and her family through
tough and different situations. She hasn’t behaved toward well. Her future was
extremely not nice in the first phase of her life. She strives vastly to overcome –

she hungered,    dozed in a cave under a bridge, labored as a waitress, an
electrician, and she even join as a DJ at a nightclub These job knowledge also
supported her improve the skill to understand and assess unaided

Liziqi learn

To come to be powerful and wealthy, Li Ziqi learns some techniques shortly in the new city
and increased the ability of helping herself and her grandmother. These working abilities also
assisted her flawlessly elicit and indicate outstanding videos thereafter.


In part she has begun to begin an enterprise with her friends several times. She truly wished to enhance
families’ living situations as soon as possible.

the year is 2012 when due to the family difficulty – her grandmother had a
critical disease, Ziqi made out what she wanted to do after that she has been
laboring for 7 to 8 years. Her grandmother is the most essential person in Ziqi’s life. Li
Ziqi instantly agreed to give up everything then return her hometown so that she
could take the entire care of her grandmother.

She began labor fast in the morning and  returned home late.Just like an agriculturalist,
she was living a common and different life in her hometown.

How Li Ziqi became famous?

Ziqi is an ordinary young girl who is not good at singing and dancing. she only
knows that how about cooking meals. one day she got an idea about cooking video.
she use all particles and materials equipment from her garden and farmland.


At the introductory stage, Li Ziqi’s videos dispatched on a social platform in China named Mepai but didn ‘t win enormous fame. But after that a few food professionals began to watch her videos.

Soon the quantity of her fans argely developed. Also, with the support of her fans. She put her videos on a another social platform like Twitter in China name weibo in 2016 which received a vast percentage of attention.

In 2017, Li Ziqi came to be a new online idol in China. Ziqi, known as ” An Oriental Lifestyle
Foodie”. Li Ziqi’s jobs convey an optimistic behavior toward life. Ziqi’s tapes can encourage
people to achieve the “dreams of the countryside.”

These are the fantasies of different people at home and abroad, particularly Chinese people.Many people show vast interest in Li Ziqi costume. In front of the camera, she often seems in a set of Chinese Han clothing which is made in harsh texture.

Also, her videos benefit more people to learn and appreciate Chinese myths and the
community. The courage of battling for liberation and self-reliance communicated by
her life adventure has captivated great notoriety at home and abroad.

She has been honored by various mainstream agencies such as the authorized micro-blog of
the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, China Daily and Sina. she also made peach blossom wine, watermelon cake, and formal Sichuan moon treats, while a craft-based day sees her extinction costume in grape skins, making shoes for her grandmother which make her grandmother smile, or building a woodfiring cooker out of clay.


How she make professional videos?

Her tapes were originally shot by herself. She once announced, “I usually put my
photographic device before or behind me, sometimes I lay them on the trees, tables or
chairs to get a generous result. I spent a lot of time to finish one single video.”

To receive more skilled video. A three-people squad was created in 2017. They are Li Ziqi, a
“part-time” photog and a helper named Ming

she take advertisement?

There is almost any publicity that arose in her tapes. Why? It’s not hard to guess
approximately. Because she wishes to establish her own denomination so that she can regulate the aspect of her commodities. Li Ziqi kneels herself to create the nicest foods for everyone in acknowledgement of your huge term support.

Here are some super unique delicacies and handiworks made by Li Ziqi

liziqi’sNew Year’s Eve dinner

桃花泪 – A Chinese sweet food by qi

Canned yellow peach by qi
Canned yellow peach

Canned yellow peach

Chinese Chilli Sauce made by liziqi
Chinese Chilli Sauce

Chinese Chilli Sauce

Flower Tea made by liziqi
Flower Tea

Flower Tea

Li Ziqi’s unique Peach Blossom Wine

Chinese Hot Pot by liziqi

Old Oriental procedures of the Sericulture, the remedy to the cold (Silk quilt)

liziqi Making her dress using by grape skins

A gorgeous couch swing

Liziqis earnings?

One of China’s vastly famous YouTube celebrities, who progressed a large worldwide
following for her tapes showcasing formal rural life, has rejected claims she earns 168 million yuan (US$24 million) a year. Li Ziqi, 29, became one of China’s most famous stars recent year , achieving 9 million supporters on YouTube, where her cinematic videos enjoying natural life in the Sichuan region have captivated millions of views Lizii has 34 million subscribers on Douyin, China’s prime short tape app, 22 million supporters on the microblogging station Weibo.

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