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Sleep cycles

Well Sleep cycles affects your mental and physical health. Because It can take a serious step on your daytime energy, productivity, emotional balance and even your weight. Therefore many people of us fighting everyday to get the sleep we need. Perfect sleep cycle may look difficult ,when we are sleepless at 3 am. But you have much more control over the quality of your sleep that you probably realize. So the solution for sleep problems can frequently be found in your everyday Sleep cycles.

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Some Keys Of Better Night Sleep Cycles

Better night sleep cycles

Regular sleep plan…

Regular sleep plan

Maintain a regular sleep cycles, you’ll feel much more re energized and active than if you sleep the exact number of hours at various times, even if only change your sleep chart by one hour or two. you have to try to go sleep and wake up at the exact time every day, It’s benefits put your body’s optimize the characteristic of your sleep. If you already slept enough then you should wake up normally without an Alarm Clock. If  want a clock, you may prefer an early bedtime. Be clever about sleeping, napping is a good way to make up for missed sleep but afternoon naps should be limited 20 to 25 minutes. when you complete your dinner that time you may feel drowsiness and if give in to the sleepiness you may awake some times later in the night after that you have to face difficulty getting back to sleep again.So after dinner get off the sofa and do something like wash your dishes, call your favorite person or iron your clothes.

Light out bed time…

dark at night

Our brain discharges melatonin hormone when its dark for this we feeling sleepy. Melatonin is a hormone which regulated by light that controls your sleep and waking up cycle. During day spends more time in bright sunlight, eat your breakfast outside, exercise outside of your house. Its help you a lot to wake up, at night turning your phone brightness down, set a blue light filter in your phone. Don’t watch movies, series or TV news.Try to listen soft music. When you go to sleep at first turn off all room light. Make sure your room is dark. You can also use certain to block window lights. If you don’t like  completely dark room then you can use small night lamp in the bathroom or drawing-room.

small night lamp                 night lamp

You have to exercise regularly….

Regular exercise
 Regular exercise reduces your insomnia signs, and it helps you a lot to increase the deep sleeping     time. How much energetically you exercise regularly that much sleep benefits you got, even only           10 to 15 minutes of exercise helps u a lot for healthy sleep.For better sleep fix your exercise time,       it’s really very helpful, exercise increase metabolism control your body temperature. You can do light   exercise any time it doesn’t mean it morning or evening. you can do anytime but try to finish at least 3   hours before your bedtime, if you still facing sleeping problems then can try yoga in morning or   evening , it improves your sleep.

Change your food habit….

food habit

What you eat in bedtime is very important for your good sleep.

1.Don’t take caffeine:

Don’t take caffeine and nicotine too much. Even if you take caffeine before 11 hours from your bedtime you will be surprised that it can  hamper your sleep.

2.Don’t eat a lot at night:

Do not eat a lot at night .Complete your dinner at 9 pm. Ignore oily, spicy, rich food.

3.Don’t drink alcohol before sleeping:

Do not drink alcohol before sleep .Drink hot milk with honey before going to sleep, it helps you  a lot.

milk with honey

Change your sleep environment…

Sleep Environment

 A quiet bedtime routine sends an important indication to your brain that it’s time to let’s go day stress.   Sleep cycles can hamper your night sleep.Therefore make sure that your room is silent. If you can’t   erase traffic sound or any other sound, then you can try earplugs. Check your mattress firmness, and   pillow, if you feel uncomfortable then change your mattress and pillow. Make sure that your bed is     neat and clean. Reserve your bed for only sleeping, by not any other work like using a phone, tablet and watching TV.

You can also download sleep cycles apps.


                                                                             STAY SAFE, STAY HOME.         

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