What Is The Cupping Therapy ?

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We may have many questions about hijama therapy .What is hijama therapy ?How many type of hijama ? 

Can children take hijama ? How it work ? What is benefit and side affect ? What diseases hijama treat ?

Here is the correct answer and requirement about HIJAMA.

What is hijama cupping therapy?Hijama

Cupping is a kind of alternative treatment. It implicates positioning cups on the skin to generate grip. The traction may stimulate rejuvenating with blood succession.

Hijama Cupping improvements blood circulation where the cups are positioned. This may rid muscle friction, which can enhance blood flow and expand cell rehabilitation.

Different people think that cupping works for negative and positive, within the surface. So renovating equilibrium between these two apexes is suppose to work with the body’s friction .Its power to enhance blood progression and diminish distress.

Types of cupping :

Hijama is allotted into two types, one is wet cupping and another one is dry cupping.

1.Dry cupping 

Dry cupping is a only suction cup technique.

2.Wet cupping

Wet cupping may implicate both grip and regulated remedial bleeding.Current cupping is frequently conducted by borrowing glass cups that are round like proms.

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How it’s work :

A new edition of cupping uses a rubber pump rather than a flame to create the void inside the cup. Periodically therapists usage silicone mugs . After that they can push all over the area on your skin. Wet cupping generates a gentle grip by removing a cup in spot for nearly 3 minutes. The therapist then eliminates the cup and uses a little scalpel to bring light . Little cuts on your skin. Another, he or she does another grip   to drain a small abundance of blood.3-5 cups use in your  early session. Otherwise you might only try single to watch how it works. It’s unusual to get further than 5-7 cups .Your surface should look natural again within 10 to 15 days. Cupping therapy believers believe that wet cupping reduces harmful elements and toxins from the core to stimulate healing .But that’s not verified.

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy Hijama is used to treat some diseases :

Blood disorders , anemia , hemophilia ,neck pain , back pain, arthritis ,fertility and gynecological disorders skin problems like hives and acne , high blood pressure , migraines , anxiety and depression , allergies and asthma.

Hijama is used


There aren’t so many side effects  to cupping. you may suffer will generally happen during your therapy or shortly after. May be you feel dizzy unsteady during your therapy. You may similarly experience sweating or sickness. After therapy, the skin around the verge of the cup may evolve uncomfortable and marked in a circular diagram. You can  feel pain at gash areas or feel lightheaded or dizziness soon after your hijama session. Virus is often a risk after enduring cupping treatment. Therefore the risk is minor and usually resister if your practitioner following the true procedures for clearing your skin and regulating infection.

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If you have skin ulcer, sunburn then you should avoid cupping :


If you want to try at home make sure that the cup is clean :

Clean cup

Another Reminders :

many professionals don’t have practice or experience in corresponding and alternative therapy. Your consultant may be careful or uneasy with answering problems related to rebuilding procedures like cupping. Some may be especially loyal about their procedures, even telling you to skip over formal medical solutions instructed by your consultant. But if you do want to try cupping treatment communicate your opinion with your consultant.

Not recommended for children :

Cupping therapy is not advise for everyone. More wariness should take for Children.So Children under 1 to 5 years old shouldn’t attain cupping treatment.Similarly , teenagers should only  deal with for an extremely short duration.

Zaad Al -Ma'aad 4/125-126

What Islam Sarriah Sunnah say about Hijama :

Hijama cupping therapy

Islamic prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). The Prophet (PBUH) praised a person who attains cupping, telling it wipes out blood, lightens the back, and smoothes the vision. There is a clear Hadith about cupping was exercised by The Prophet (PBUH) himself and advised by him.

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