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Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan’s Weight Loss journey  Sara Ali Khan is the most famous young Bollywood celeb right now. she is 25-year-old. Her intelligence and beauty with brain have attracted everyone’s eye. But it left people wondering how that chubby kid became so sexy within a year. Weight Loss journey : Read more…


What Is The Cupping Therapy ?

HIJAMA CUPPING THERAPY We may have many questions about hijama therapy .What is hijama therapy ?How many type of hijama ?  Can children take hijama ? How it work ? What is benefit and side affect ? What diseases hijama treat ? Here is the correct answer and requirement about Read more…

bed time

how to sleep better at night ?

Sleep cycles

Well Sleep cycles affects your mental and physical health. Because It can take a serious step on your daytime energy, productivity, emotional balance and even your weight. Therefore many people of us fighting everyday to get the sleep we need. Perfect sleep cycle may look difficult ,when we are sleepless at 3 am. But you have much more control over the quality of your sleep that you probably realize. So the solution for sleep problems can frequently be found in your everyday Sleep cycles.

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Flashback Heart Attack

Flashback Heart Attack

What is Heart Attack ? A heart attack happens when the progression of blood to the heart is shut off. The blockage is much always a promotion of fat, cholesterol, and other meanings, which form a plaque in the paths that nourish the heart (coronary arteries). The plaque ultimately smashes Read more…